Entry #1

Busy Times!

2007-09-11 22:44:35 by Rondillo

I know I only have one flash movie and its my first one too and it sux, but I will one day make another one! Yup maybe in like 10 years! LOL. I've been lazy but I've started 4-5 already that are quite good actually, but can't seem to finish them... I, Ron Sioson, am a lazy person!

-Ron Sioson


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2008-06-08 18:17:23

Dude about there she is 3 youre not the only love story sucker in the world its soo cute and actually i wish i had a gf like her but life isnt that gratefull is it?

Rondillo responds:

lol nope life isn't like that but dang I wish I could get a girlfriend with the likeness of the bunny's personality in real life!